Functional medicine is the medicine of optimal performance. Focusing on what causes the pain and figuring out what the route of the pain is and reversing it. Using genetics, diet, lifestyle, hormones, and optimal lab results are considered in creating personalized care plans to help you become more resilient.

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Functional medicine is effective in laying a strong foundation for health so that you can experience your life fully and for many years to come. When embraced as an integral part of your pursuit for health and well-being, functional medicine benefits you by:

Patient Centered

Focus on Prevention

Tracing the Root Cause

Comparing Lab Results

At IHI, we ensure these benefits are lasting and fully experienced by our clients through our industry-leading, personalized follow up programs.



A Personalized Action Plan for your Life of Wellness.

Step 1: Complimentary 20 Minute Consultation - Getting to know us
Step 2: Self-Registration and Questionnaire - Getting to know you, tell us everything!
Step 3: Personalized Action Plan
Step 4: MonitoringA Personalized Action Plan for your Life of Wellness.

The better picture we have of what’s going on in your life, your mind and your internal systems, the easier it will be to identify and begin treating the source of your discomfort. We will act like mission control for your health, and at IHI we will integrate multiple disciplines through our network of trusted providers to help you optimize your health.

Once we have a good understanding of what your personal supervillains are, we will create a plan of action to help you heal from the inside out. This could include recommendations to see other practitioners such as a Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, and/or Health Coach - either in person or online. In appropriate cases, we may also recommend Detox, Rehabilitation, and/or Supplements. We may also offer personalized lifestyle changes, such as Exercise Routines, Food Plans, Shopping Lists, Mental Wellness Practices, Work/Life Balance, Techniques, Relaxation Methods, Kitchen Cleanout.










Complimentary 20 Minute Consult.

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What treatments might your functional medicine doctor recommend?

Functional medicine focuses on curating a combination of proven treatments and preventative wellness measures to effectively bring your body back into a state of overall health, without the risk of many traditional methods such as pharmaceuticals. There are many ways to do this, but common suggestions include:
chiropractic care, IVs when necessary, customized supplement recommendations, acupuncture, lifestyle adjustments, personalized exercise routine, health coaching, and more.

Who benefits the most from Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is for everyone, including seniors, pregnant women, children, men, women, teens, adolescents, drug-sensitive personnel, and more!  Functional medicine is a cooperative partnership between you and your IHI doctor. We will work together as a team of superheroes to defeat your personal health villains, and prevent new ones from growing and wreaking havoc. Set an appointment today to find out how we can help you on your journey toward a holistically well life.