Our mission at Integrated Health of Indiana is to get our patients on the path to true health. We do this quickly and efficiently. Allowing them to enjoy a vibrant, happy and hopeful life. Showing them the path to wellness so they can take care of themselves and their families.



Our vision is to provide true health independence outside of medication and supplements. We want to impact our friends, patients, county, community, and state in a positive and healing way.



Institute of Functional Medicine Certification

Our staff


Dr. Trevor Miller


I am a licenced professional with over 15 years of experience that has treated well over 3500 case in my career.

My Bio

Jessica Miller


I most recently worked worked on a med/surg unit for the past 12 years and have enjoyed floating to the emergency department and the ICU.

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Tina Borgstrom

Front Desk

My name is Tina and I am from New York .I have two children and three grandchildren. I love helping patients live their best life. I am a loving, caring and friendly person. You can add to it if you like lol. Have a great weekend let me know if you need anything else.

My Bio

Core Values

  • God - God is the master healer. The body is the master physician and it was created by God. A doctor by definition is a Teacher, we teach others how to help their body heal itself. We always want to conduct ourselves as if God is watching, because He is.
  • Hope - We always want to impart Hope. Without Hope there is only despair. We can not heal optimally when in despair. Hope raises endorphins, activates the body's immune system, and settles the body's sympathetic response. So we always give Hope.
  • Sleep - Sleep is the first of the 4 Pillars. If you hear a patient talking about sleeping less than 7 hours, notify the doctor. Sleep allows the body to repair itself. If the patients are not sleeping then they will not repair and therefore they will not heal and get better.
  • Nutrition - If the body does not have the proper building blocks then it can not repair appropriately. So we are always wanting to talk about proper nutrition. We follow a Whole Foods, organically grown and sustainably harvested nutrition philosophy. This is good for us and good for the planet.
  • Movement - The body is made to move. Our eyes are in the front of our heads for a reason. We are predatory by nature. So we were designed to be moving. Great things happen when we get the body moving and/or moving again. Once again God created an incredible machine and gifted it to us, we just need to take care of it and give it the help it needs to heal and be vibrant.
  • Community - Community is so very important. This affects how we think. As with Hope, if our friends and family bring us down, then we are always in that state of fight or flight. We will not heal appropriately.
  • Persistence - Why is this important and a Core Value? Because true health is not easy usually. It is work because we have abused our bodies, years of deceitful marketing has us filling our bodies with damaging chemicals and food that isn’t real food. So, since we are human, we are going to fall. When we fall we have to fall and get right back up, or as Zig Zigler says, “ When we fall we need to make sure we fall on our backs, that way the only way to go is up.” We never want to give up on our patients or have our patients give up on themselves.
  • Teacher - We are teachers, we teach the path that we have taken. We need to continue to work on ourselves as well as bring others along on the path. I am going to give you the definition of Doctor taken from www.eytomonline.com:
  • Health - Besides time, Health is one of our most valuable assets. So we need to be good stewards of health and teach others how to be good stewards of their health. We do this by layering healthy habits. Healthy habits create healthy consequences. This is what we want to teach.
  • Vibrance - Following closely on the heels of Health is Vibrance. Vibrance is “Pulsating with vigor and energy”. We are all energy in some form or another. The Healthier that we are the more we can be Vibrant. That energy is contagious and leads to happier healthier patients. That leads to a happier and healthier community. That is how we affect the health of our community. 1 patient at a time, imparting healthy habits, those habits drive the market making it easier to get healthier choices here. It all flows together.
  • Wellness - Keeping and maintaining our Health & Vibrance leads to good ole fashioned Wellness. Wellness is that state that we are in when everything is good. A medical analogy is that our Heart Rate Variability is great, it is high and varied. This means stress, tension, accidents or any other thing that might affect us, will not affect us as much.
  • Excellence - We strive for Excellence in everything that we do. We will never be perfect, but we can try. That striving for perfection will lead us to Excellence in all that we do. Ultimately we want to serve God’s purpose for us. We are here to serve others and we want to do that the best we can.

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  • Loves finding and treating the root cause of a patient's health problem
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Our mission

Our mission at Integrated Health of Indiana is to get our patients on the path to true health. We do this quickly and efficiently. Allowing them to enjoy a vibrant, happy and hopeful life. Showing them the path to wellness so they can take care of themselves and their families. Integrated Health of Indiana is an integrated health facility focusing, hope, health and wellness. Using Chiropractic, Functional Medicine, Acupuncture, and whatever modalities prove to be best for the patient. Enhancing quality of life through use of technology, lifestyle, education and integrated approaches to health. Putting wellbeing back into the hands of our patients. With multiple clinics and multiple provider types, all connected and all collaborating on health, optimal vibrance, optimal performance, and ultimately optimal happiness.


Integrated Health of Indiana is going to become the leader in true health and wellness in Indiana. We will be impacting the lives of 600 patients per week within 3 years (4/30/2024).

About our culture and work

  • We are results driven
  • Our team members go the extra mile for each other's success AND our clients success
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